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That famous hillside Hollywood sign started out in 1923 as hollywoodland, a kind of billboard for a housing development. But when the sign began to fall apart from neglect in the 1940’s, viciv leaders stepped in. they got the bright idea of removing the last syllable (LAND), fixing up the rest and using it to advertise the movie industry.


Michael cimino had a surprize hit when he directed the deer hunter. This early success fooled cimino (as it’s fooled other Hollywood geniuses) into thinking he had the golden touch.
In 1980, cimino decided to make the epic western heaven’s gate, spending an epic budget to do it. he dug himself a deep hole by shooting a million feet of film (ten times as much film as most movies require). When that didn’t work, he kept going and shot another half million.
The epic result: a film that bombed at the box office, destroyed cimino’s reputation, and, along with it, the fortunes of the United Artists movie studio.


In mel brooks’s movie high anxiety, a hitkch parody, he gets chased by a flock of birds who poop on his head as he runs away.
How exactly does Hollywood simulate bird poop? They mix chopped spinach and mayonnaise.

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